A Brave New World

A (mostly cowardly) new world.



From the desk of Carefree Shadow

So… after a long period of absolute silence, I have finally updated this page once again. There’s dust everywhere and it’s making my allergies play up. It seems the sweatshop slaves have gnawed through their shackles and escaped, and for some reason, there’s a bear in the living room.


So yes, weekly updating had become a bit of a problem due to just the general life sort of getting in the way, then I missed a week, didn’t feel quite comfortable updating on a monday or something when I had said I would update fridays, and then everything just sort of hopped off the rails and caught fire and died. It was horrible.

So, new strategy. I’m going to update when I update, whenever that may be – it could be seventeen times a week, it could be once every few months. To make up for the fact that it’s really difficult to motivate myself to draw (because I’m bad at drawing) I’m going to consider tossing up other sorts of things here as well – writings, music, maybe I’ll code something, who knows. It’s a great mystery out there.

I hope everyone has their walking shoes on.