Jim Impoco smiling like an idiot, natch


From the desk of Carefree Shadow

I don’t normally do this kind of “political” thing, but I’ve sort of been casually following the whole “bitcoin”/”nakamoto” debacle and I must say, the folks over at Newsweek dropped the ball so hard it punched a hole in the office floor and dug its way to the center of the earth.

What has been hilarious, however, is watching them trying to defend their utterly hopeless excuses for “journalism.” I suppose, even if their magazine isn’t even good for toilet paper, at least their spasmatic fits around twitter et. al. are good for a laugh (and a parody comic).

Oh, and just so I can prove I’m more of a journalist than the keyboard-jockeys over at NewsLastweek, from the mouth of the idiot-in-charge himself:


Hey Jim? Last century called, they want their shlock journalism back.